Evolv Winter Bouldering League 2013/14

4 Nov 2013

It's time to announce the return of the fantastic, the infamous, the arm sapping, mind twisting Climbing Works Winter Bouldering League supported by Evolv.


4 rounds throughout the Winter months with fresh new problems on the Berghaus competition wall set by our top guys. At the end of each round we will have spot prizes from Evolv.

We'll also have prizes for overall scores as outlined below:

After all 4 rounds (each round counts) the overall prizes will be allocated as follows:
1st Prize (Male & Female): £200
2nd place (Male & Female): £75
3rd place (Male & Female): 1 month pass (transferable)

After this we will then award the following prizes to people (Male, Female, Junior or Senior) who finish in the overall, combined, table:
5th: 1 month pass (transferable)
10th: 1 month pass (transferable)
15th: 1 month pass (transferable)
20th: £25 shop voucher
30th: £25 shop voucher
40th: £20 shop voucher
We will also award the top Male & Female Juniors with a £75 shop voucher to spend in The Climbing Works shop


As you can see there is a lot of prizes up for grabs so whether you're on the British team or just an enthusiastic amateur you could win some great prizes. Problems are set to challenge you whatever your grade but most of all it should be a fun evening to push your boundaries.

General Info:

EACH ROUND: 18:00 - 22:00

Cost: Normal entry to wall plus £2.00 for a score card.

N.B. Please note that to try the new problems on the Berghaus Competition wall during the comp you will NEED to have a scorecard. Those without are not allowed on the wall. This is to allow those wishing to compete the best chance to score thier highest scores. If you want to try them but not compete, they will be up for between 2-4 weeks after the competition.


- 25 problems newly set on the Berghaus Competition Wall for the competition.

- A 25 point special bloc (1 Male & 1 Female) for each round. This is your chance to increase your point score. If a Female does the Male special probem they get those 25 points also. If a Male does the Female bloc, they only get the standard points awarded.

 - 4 rounds:

Friday 15th November;

Friday 13th December 2013;

Friday 10th January 2014; 

Friday 31st January 2014 - IMPORTANT, this date has changed

- Live music from the decks from Sam and his cohorts

- Open to all, young & old,  but please be aware we do not set any child specific problems. They will be climbing on problems set for adults.


Remember to hand in your scorecard so you can be eligible for the prize draw and of course for the overall prize at the end of the series. If you don't hand in your scorecard you won't be elgible either for the Works / Foundry Bouldering League prizefund. That would be bad.