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18 Feb 2011 Latest Topo for Circuits

This week saw a new 41 problem Wasp circuit go back up onto the circuit walls at The Climbing Works. This gives you 11 circuits to play on, from Font 3 to Font 7c. The competition wall is currently getting built and you can keep up to date on that progress on our blog and view pictures on our picasa album. The wall will re-open at The CWIF on 5th March 2011. Make sure to register asap to avoid disappointment.


Latest circuit topo>> 

7 Feb 2011 Winter Bouldering League: Results

We have now added up the scores from all the rounds.

You can now see the results below: 

Round 4 of The Climbing Works Winter Bouldering League here

Overall results from the Winter Bouldering League here (best 3 scores out of 4 rounds count)


You can view a gallery of images from the final round on our facebook page or on our Picasa online gallery

The Climbing Works

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