News - December 2010


We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, our wonderful customers, for your continued patience and support over what have been an exceptionally difficult time.


From September 2nd we have revised COVID restrictions. 


Face Coverings:

We encourage and support customers to wear masks around the centre but it is not compulsory anymore to wear them.

The reception team will not obliged to wear a mask anymore but the screen will still be in place around the reception area.

Coaches will still have to wear masks on coached sessions as well as groups with participants aged 9 and above


Centre capacities:

With the removal of the very specific capacities from government guidance we will be cautiously increasing our centre capacities by 10%

The Climbing Works – 105 to 116 (sign out still required)

The Mini Works – 45 to 50 (slot bookings)

Unit E – 45 to 50


Social distancing:

The government guidance from 19th July means that there are no legal limits on indoor group size, but we still strongly encourage you to socially distance (2m where possible!) from people you don’t have frequent contact with anyway.

It is important that you continue to respect the space of anyone you have not mutually agreed that you are happy to be closer to or do not know.



We will continue to manage these risks and monitor them closely. In the event of significant new evidence and government announcements we will revise these new policies and not hesitate to put restrictions back in place.


The Climbing Works Team


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14 Dec 2010 Winter Bouldering League: Round 2 scores

Round 2 of the Winter Bouldering League took place on Friday 10th December. The next round will take place on Friday 7th January.

You can see full results from Round 2 in pdf format here and view the overall scores after 2 rounds here.

If you feel that your score is incorrect, or that you are not on the list please email us at

Please note that

1) bonuses are not added to the final score (they are used in a tie)

2) Some people are unable to write their complete names or in a legible manner.


Photos from Round 2 can be viewed on our facebook page here (you don't need a facebook profile to view them)

2 Dec 2010 09:07 New Membership Prices: 2011

On the 2nd January 2011 The Climbing Works will be adjusting its admission prices. This change will reflect the VAT increase that will come into effect on the 1st Jan 2011. The increase will also bring them up to date as the admission prices have not changed since The Climbing Works opened in December 2006.

Summary of changes:

  • General admission prices will increase by c.10%
  • Full Membership (one-off payment) will increase by 10%.
  • Full Membership (by monthly standing order) will increase by 20%. If you are already a full member, please note that this increase will ONLY come into effect when you renew your membership.

The increase in admission costs will be used to continue the work that The Climbing Works have done to give our customers the best bouldering centre in the world. Since The Climbing Works opened in Dec 2006 it has evolved, and at the same time changed what climbing centres are all about in the UK. Whilst there has always been bouldering walls there was nothing even remotely similar in size when The Climbing Works opened. Now of course there are lots of walls that have tried to emulate The Climbing Works - which in our humble opinion, none have got close ;-)

The Climbing Works itself has had many changes in the last 4 years. If you visited on day 1 and returned on Dec 3rd 2010 (our 4th birthday) you would quickly notice some major differences. From new wall and angles to new carpets, there has been a number of obvious (and not so obvious) modifications and additions. You can read some of the highlights below and see for yourself by watching our original promo film tour

and then viewing our 2010 film tour


Since The Climbing Works opened we've:

  • Increased the wall surface area by 20%;
  • Carpeted all the mats;
  • Increased the size of the reception area;
  • Inserted industrial style air ducts to remove chalk;
  • Added the 'Beastmaker' board;
  • Purchased 1000's of new holds and this year alone we have replaced and added whole circuits. We will continue to do this so that you're climbing on the best possible problems;
  • Rented out a workshop in Centenary Works so Percy can build more volumes;
  • Hold annually one of the biggest bouldering competitions of its kind in Europe; The CWIF.
  • Retained the 'no annual membership fee';
  • Given 2 pay rises to our excellent and hard working team of staff. When we opened they received £6 p/hr, now they receive £6.75 p/hr.

We are continually improving and developing the centre so that you, our customers, can enjoy the best indoor bouldering in the World.
We will continue to do this in 2011 and beyond. Thanks for being part of The Climbing Works.

The Cheeses

All the new prices are listed below. You can also view them as a pdf on our website

New Membership Prices (02.01.2011):
All the below prices will come into effect on Sunday 2nd January 2011. If you have an annual membership (standing order) you will continue to pay the OLD amount till your membership is up for renewal.

General Admission:

Adult: £7
Student / Concession: £6
Children <8: £4

Adult: £6
Student / Concession: £5
Children <8: £4

Registration fee for new members: £3
Shoe hire: £3

Full Memberships:

One-off payment: £330
12month Standing Order: £30 per month (£360)

Concession / Student:
One-off payment: £264
12month Standing Order: £24 p/m (£288)

Please note that we have a new account number for all standing order full membership payments. The details are below:

Bank: Natwest, Millhouses, Sheffield
Acc No: 52105903
Sort code:54-41-47

If you are a full member please change your standing order to these bank details as soon as possible. Remember to use your Membership # and surname as the reference.

3 month full member pass (paid in full):
Adult: £122
Concession / student: £98

1 month full member pass:
Adult: £50
Concession / student:£40

12 for 10 pass:
Adult: £70
Concession / student: £60

Family Memberships (children up to 17)

If you are interested in a family membership please speak to a member of the reception staff.

2 parents + 2 kids:
One-off payment: £600
Monthly instalments: £55 p/m (£660)

1 parent + 1 or 2 kids:
One-off payment: £400
Monthly instalments: £37 p/m (£444)

2 parents + 3/4 kids:
One-off payment: £700
Monthly instalments: £64 p/m (£768)


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