Parent & Child Thursday Session: Changes

29 Jul 2010

Every Thursday for the last 18 months The Climbing Works have held parent & child sessions on a Thursday afternoon. The idea behind these sessions is to encourage climbing parents to get back into the climbing game.

Our aim is to give home-based climbing parents a place & time to come to get back into climbing. Having a group of parents in similar positions we hoped would make it easier for the parents to climb, creating a positive environment, allow the sharing of child watching duties etc.. Twelve months ago we even removed the nominal fee as a further encouragement to parents. This allowed parents & children under 8 to climb for free between 12-2pm. 

In the last few months we’ve seen a surge in the amount of parents and children coming in on Thursday afternoons and unfortunately it is now starting to have an impact on our regular customers. In summary, the day has become a victim of its own success, with many parents bringing their older children down to climb with many staying for most of the afternoon. As we go into Summer holidays we realise that it will only get busier.

The Climbing Works is aware of the risks of increased numbers of children in the centre. We do not wish to end the Thursday session as we know that many new parents find it beneficial. In this light we’ve had to review the Thursday session to try and create a balance.

From the first Thursday in August (5th) we will be introducing some changes to the Parent & Child sessions

Parent & Children Session: 12-3pm

(last entry at 2pm, all climbing must be finished by 3pm)

Parent climbing, child not climbing: £2.25 per parent

Parent supervising, Child climbing:

Children (<4yrs) climbing: £2 per child

Children (4 to 7yrs) climbing: £2.75 per child


Please note that all climbing must be finished by 3pm.

Any supervising parent MUST be a member of The Climbing Works.

Only 2 children can be supervised at any one time