CWIF 09 Results

10 Mar 2009

Saturday was simply a huge day. We had well over 150 competitors of all ages trying the qualifying circuit throughout the day. There was also a large number who came just to climb in the fantastic atmosphere that is the CWIF. 

We've been adding up all the scores and getting it all organised. With so many competitors it takes a lot of time to make sure the scores are correct. Below you can find a quick summary of the day along with the pdf's of the top 100 competitor scores, the Mens & Womens results and of course the overall Final results. We'll have a bigger summary of the whole day, along with photos, on the website soon



The qualifying circuit was 30 blocs set to test every type of climbing style. There was dirty slabs, dynos, crimps, slopers, fridge hugging, pinches, you name the hold and type of move and it was there. Yes, there was even a crack. The qualifying circuit was an open affair with everyone climbing the same problems at the same time. Climbing Works normal 'joe public' members were climbing alongside Jerome Meyer and Tyler Landman and the atmosphere was fantastic. 

Top 100 scores from the qualifying circuit >>



The semi's took place on the Berghaus Competition wall with the setters going all out to test the stamina, power and flexibility of the final 16 men & women.

Mens Semi-Final Results >>

Womens Semi-Final Results >>



The finals will be remembered as one of the best competitions to be held in the UK. It was tense, it was close and it came down to the wire for both the Mens and the Women competitions. A roaring crowd, big moves and tired competitors led to some of the best climbing action seen at a UK competition for years.

Mens Final Results >>

Womens Final Results >>