Berghaus Bouldering League R2 Results

15 Dec 2008

Friday night and R2 of the Berghaus Bouldering League saw yet another close competition with the Men's only being decided by 1 point. 25 problems and a big crowd meant it was a great night with alot of big efforts and big falls. Alot of the early excitement and eyes of many competitors were focused on the bonus special problem, that being unclimbed in the 1st round, now had a cash prize of £150 attached to it. This time Percy set an even longer volumes only problem with his favourite type of hold thrown in...a double jam on a roof.

Bergahus Bouldering League R2 Dave Barrans

Dave Barrans on the bonus cash problem

Across from Manchester, Dave Barrans came looking exclusively for the cash problem and after a few warm ups he went to work figuring out the beta. A fine effort took him to the penultimate hold but a rookie mistake of not taking a chalk bag cost him dear as he was dispatched off the sloping feature. After a long rest and another look at the finishing moves he set off again, sans chalkbag, and dispatched the final moves with aplomb. A fine effort and well worth the £150.comp r2 barrans2

Dave Barrans R2 Berghaus Bouldering League Berghaus Bouldering League R2 Leah Crane

Leah Crane

In the Mens, visiting Aussie John Merz took top spot (stopping early as he has a bad wrist) while Leah Crane continued on her form from R1 taking top spot in the Womens. Full results from R2 are available here>>


Mens Top 3:

John Merz 175

Dawid Skoczylas 174

Andy Bowman 131


Female Top 3:

Leah Crane  147

Rae Cowie 122

Tiffany Melius 113


Under 18

Nathan Philips 105

Jamie Sheard 96

Charlotte Garden 92





R3 is on Friday, 16th January 2009 so stick it in your diary and come get involved!!