Results of Round 1: Berghaus Bouldering League

17 Nov 2008

Round 1 of the Berghaus Bouldering League was held on Friday night (14/11/08) and it was a fantastic success. You can read a bit more about it on our blog. Photos will be up soon also.


Winner of Round 1 was Alex (the monk) Honnold, the visiting American wad who scored an impressive 233 out of 250. The Works own Leah Crane won the Female while Pete Whittaker won the U18. As Pete has climbed E9 it's not that much of a surprise. Round 2 will be held on the 12th Dec 2008 and with Percy's special £100 cash problem going unclimbed, R2 will have a £200 cash prize up for grabs.


The full results from Round 1 can be downloaded here>>


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