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We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, our wonderful customers, for your continued patience and support over what have been an exceptionally difficult time.


From September 2nd we have revised COVID restrictions. 


Face Coverings:

We encourage and support customers to wear masks around the centre but it is not compulsory anymore to wear them.

The reception team will not obliged to wear a mask anymore but the screen will still be in place around the reception area.

Coaches will still have to wear masks on coached sessions as well as groups with participants aged 9 and above


Centre capacities:

With the removal of the very specific capacities from government guidance we will be cautiously increasing our centre capacities by 10%

The Climbing Works – 105 to 116 (sign out still required)

The Mini Works – 45 to 50 (slot bookings)

Unit E – 45 to 50


Social distancing:

The government guidance from 19th July means that there are no legal limits on indoor group size, but we still strongly encourage you to socially distance (2m where possible!) from people you don’t have frequent contact with anyway.

It is important that you continue to respect the space of anyone you have not mutually agreed that you are happy to be closer to or do not know.



We will continue to manage these risks and monitor them closely. In the event of significant new evidence and government announcements we will revise these new policies and not hesitate to put restrictions back in place.


The Climbing Works Team


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27 Nov 2008 New Comp Wall Topo

New comp wall topo is on the competition mats and also available to download. All the problems from Round 1 comp are numbered, graded and included on the topo, as well as the new problems set by Percy last week.

The money volume problem has still not seen its first ascent, so keep trying it; unfortunately the money can not be won but is rolled over for the next competition (£200 special bonus). You have until the 12th of December before it's completley reset for the next round of the Berghaus bouldering league.

Details of the Berghaus bouldering league are available on the events page here

20 Nov 2008 New Yellow Circuit: New Topo

Percy has finished his new Yellow Circuit (Font 7a-7c). You can download the topo for this, and the other 8 circuits, by clicking here>>

17 Nov 2008 Round 2: Berghaus Bouldering League

Round 2 of the Berghaus Bouldering League will take place on Friday 12th December

This will be the second round of 4 (all dates on the events pages) and all follow the same format:

  • The competition will start at 7pm and finish just before 10pm.
  • Entry cost is your usual admission to the Works plus £2 for a scorecard.
  • 25 problems ranging from Font 4+ to Font 7c+
  • You have as many goes as you want on the problems and fill in your own scorecard.
  • There will be an 'extra' special problem set by Percy which will earn the first person to climb it £200!!! It will be brick hard and probably result in a full body pump plus it carries no points in the overall comp. Fun, fun, fun!!
  • Sam & Harry in their DJ guises will also be spinning some tunes for the comp so it will be a fantastic atmosphere.

Every comp round is very relaxed and always a good laugh so whether you're aiming for top prize, competing against yourself or a  group of mates or just doing it for the first time it's a great nights entertainment.


Results of Round 1 can be read here>>


If you have any questions or require more info just ask a member of staff or email us on

The Climbing Works

17 Nov 2008 Results of Round 1: Berghaus Bouldering League

Round 1 of the Berghaus Bouldering League was held on Friday night (14/11/08) and it was a fantastic success. You can read a bit more about it on our blog. Photos will be up soon also.


Winner of Round 1 was Alex (the monk) Honnold, the visiting American wad who scored an impressive 233 out of 250. The Works own Leah Crane won the Female while Pete Whittaker won the U18. As Pete has climbed E9 it's not that much of a surprise. Round 2 will be held on the 12th Dec 2008 and with Percy's special £100 cash problem going unclimbed, R2 will have a £200 cash prize up for grabs.


The full results from Round 1 can be downloaded here>>


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