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1 Feb 2019 CWIF Registration Now Open

Competitor registration is now open!

Find it here.


Spectator tickets

Spectator tickets for the finals with mixed seating and standing room on a tiered stage at the competition wall will be fully ticketed this year with all proceeds going to CAC & The Sheffield Hospitals Charity.  Tickets will be £4 and will be released at the following times:

20:00 on Friday 15th February

12:00 on Saturday 16th February

Spectator info & finals tickets


We may be able to release some more tickets on Saturday 2nd depending on any cancellations & if we end up with more room than anticipated.

The Climbing Works

11 Jan 2019 Price changes from 1st February 2019

We’re making some changes to our pricing structure from 1/2/2019.  Please see below for more details.


Changing entry types

We’re streamlining a few entry types as our entry options had spiralled somewhat! Under 8 pricing is gone, but we limited the price increases to U14s & introduced an U14 Off Peak rate.  Student Wednesdays are gone, but if you get in before 1pm it’s cheaper on super off-peak now anyway. Any new options are in green in the table below, anything we're removing is in red.

Full memberships by standing order will stay at the current rate until your renewal date.


Family memberships

Minimum 1 parent & 1 child.
These have changed so you’d pay the standard price for the first membership (adult or concession) and then extra family members are ‘bolted on’ at a reduced rate. This means it’s now comparatively cheaper to have 1 child than 2 and 3 children than 4.  For comparison the prices for the old style memberships calculated with the new bolt on system are included in brackets in green in the table below.

For customers paying by standing order this price change will take effect at renewal.



While we always try to keep our prices as low as possible unfortunately our costs, such as staff pay, suppliers & service providers, continually increase over time.

Since opening in 2006 we have continually updated and remodelled sections of wall in the main centre and expanded and updated the training facilities available to you, including the Beastmaker Motherboard, Beastmaker 1000 Board and a remodelled training area.

In 2012 we opened the Mini Works the first large scale facility aimed primarily at younger climbers.

In December we expanded into Unit E, offering a further climbing area focused on harder competition & project focused bouldering and a strength & conditioning suite.

For reference our standard entry price will have increased from £6.50 in December 2006 to £8.50 in February 2019.  If we’d increased our entry prices continually based on UK inflation from 2006 to 2018 we’d be at around £9.14 for a standard entry.

In terms of adult annual memberships these have increased from £300 in 2006 to £405 in 2019, again if based on inflation these would be at around £434.


Price changes Feb 2019


Have a great 2019 and thank you for your custom & support over the past 13 years!


The Climbing Works and the Mini Works

10 Sep 2018 Changes to Guest Supervision Ratios from 01/10/2018

1 to 1 U5



Guest Supervision Changes for under 5s

Starting 1st Oct 2018


Where guests include under 5s

Maximum 1 guest per adult member at weekends & school holidays

    (School holidays – the standard advertised dates for both Sheffield & Derbyshire schools & Bank Holidays, displayed at reception and on our website)

 Maximum 2 guests per adult member midweek during term time


Where guests are over 5

Maximum of 2 guests per adult member at all times (unchanged)



Weekends and holidays

You are permitted to supervise a single 4 year old (but no other guests at the same time).

You are permitted to supervise a 5 year old and a 9 year old at the same time.

You wouldn't be permitted to supervise a 4 year old and 9 year old at the same time.


Midweek in term time

You would be allowed to supervise a 4 year old and a 9 year old at the same time.


Non-Climbing U18 Guests – Clarification

The Climbing Works still considers non-climbing U18s (such as a ‘babe in arms’ or an older child reading a book etc) to be guests requiring supervision as you are still responsible for their safety and behaviour while they are on our premises.

If you are wanting to supervise a 2nd climbing guest at the same time as having a non-climbing guest then you would need a second adult to stay with them at all times and ensure that they do not enter the matted climbing area.

In the event that you needed to tend to a non-climbing minor under supervision of another adult (such as feeding or changing a baby) then you would need to bring your climbing guests with you off the mats.



The Mini Works was originally intended to expand the climbing available to provide a space away from the busy main centre where we’d be able to expand on our regular children’s coaching sessions, where we could set circuits of problems specifically for U18s and well offer more bouldering for beginner to intermediate adult climbers.


Since opening in 2013 our regular coached sessions have expanded massively as well as the number of customers supervising children outside of our regular sessions.  The majority of the time this works well, but at busier times, particularly wet weekends, we’ve noticed conflicting centre usage with an increase in supervision of pre-school children who are less able to understand instructions and are consequently more difficult to manage in a climbing environment.


While the centre is quieter (i.e. midweek during term time) we feel it is reasonable that a supervising member should be able to effectively supervise 2 guests including under 5s. These midweek sessions coincide with our existing parent toddler sessions on Monday, Wednesday & Friday & Rock Tots which runs on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  These parent toddler sessions are a great opportunity for parents to come in and supervise preschool children alongside other members with children a similar age or climb themselves while taking it in turns to supervise kids with other climbing parents.


At busier times, particularly wet weekends and school holidays, we have concluded that a supervising adult would only reasonably be able to supervise a single preschool child closely enough to ensure that they don’t enter the landing zone of other centre users, which as you should already be aware would increase the risk of injury to a falling climber as well as the supervised guest.


The intention of these changes is not to restrict your use of our facilities or reduce your enjoyment, but to improve the safety and enjoyment of both your guests & other centre users.


Kind regards,

The Climbing Works Team

The Climbing Works and the Mini Works

9 Sep 2018 Young Climber's Festival 2018 Report

On the 30th August we hosted our 8th annual Young Climber's Festival. We had over 100 climbers this year, all having fun and trying hard. This couldn't have been possible without the wonderful support from our sponsors at Moon Climbing, Scarpa and Core Climbing.  Click the link below for a full report on the event. 


Young Climber's Festival 2018 Report

The Climbing Works and the Mini Works

23 Aug 2018 Bank Holiday Opening Times Monday 27th August

Bank Holiday Square


We're open as normal this Bank Holiday Monday (27th August).


The Climbing Works is open extended hours:

10am to 10pm


The Mini Works is open standard hours:

10am to 8pm

The Climbing Works and the Mini Works

7 May 2018 Sheffield Schools Bouldering Finals 2018

Sheffield Schools Bouldering Finals 2018

After the ‘Beast for the East’ caused chaos at the start of March, the postponed Sheffield Schools Bouldering Final eventually took place in much more milder temperatures on the 20th April.

In order to qualify for the finals, Primary and Secondary schools across Sheffield took part in preliminary rounds throughout January and February. From there the top 6 scores from each school where added together to create a team score. The top 10 scoring teams from Primary and Secondary were invited to take part in the finals.

As the standard of climbing grows each year, the route setters knew they had a challenge on their hands. With multiply ties in the qualification round, the 12 final problems needed to be tricky to spilt the top climbers but also fun and workable for those who had less opportunity to practice.


The Primary Finals

Regular Mini Works climbing sisters Connie and Izzie set the standard for the Primary competition as they made short work of some of the ‘trickier’ problems, always climbing with such grace and precision. The swinging challenge across the arch way proved to be the hardest climb to tackle as it involved timing and a lot of upper body and core strength.  As each competitor tried and failed the whole centre stopped to watch as both Izzie & Faye top to an ecstatic audience. Faye’s top of the hardest boulder jumped her up to 3rd place behind Izzie and Connie respectively.

Connie Mason

For the boys Mark from Hunter’s Bar was on great form topping the tough sloper climb and balance volumes traverse to pip his fellow team mate Ben and fellow WAD Squad member Oliver to the top spot. After dominating the qualification round, Hunter’s Bar Junior school continued with their reign taking the team title over last year’s champions Carterknowle.

Primary Team Primary Female  Primary Male

                 Team                                                              Female                                                     Male

          1st Hunter’s Bar                                            1st Izzie Bridgens                              1st Mark Yeomanson

         2nd Carterknowle                                       2nd Connie Bridgens                                     2nd Ben Ash

=3rd Nook Lane & Woodseats                                3rd Faye Brown                                        3rd Oliver Bee


The Secondary Finals

After a quick turn around the centre was ready for the Secondary finals in the afternoon. With another close qualification round, the final problems were exceptionally testing this year. Joachim a regular at the Sheffield Schools Bouldering competition had a particularly good day and finally managed to take the top secondary male position after coming so close the previous two years (2016 = 2nd & 2017 = 4th). Jess, a regular Mini Works climber was the only Secondary competitor to top all the problems and retain her title of top Secondary Female for the second year in a row.


The team competition was the closes it has ever been with less than 10 points separating 1st from 3rd. This year the title went to Silverdale School who beat last year’s winners Notre Dame by just 5 points.

Secondary Team Secondary Female Secondary Male

                 Team                                             Female                                                      Male

          1st Silverdale                                      1st Jess Nolan                                  1st Joachim Skoczylas

         2nd Notre Dame                               = 2nd Nell Barker                               2nd Thomas Galloway

             3rd Tapton                                   = 2nd Emily Morris                                    3rd Paddy Quirk


Full results from the 2018 Sheffield Schools Bouldering Competition can be found here



The Sheffield Schools Climbing Competition is organised in a partnership with Thornbridge Outdoors, Links SSP and The Climbing Works. We would like to say a massive thank you to all the teachers, parents and pupils who support the event each year and to all the helpers and coaches who provide the energy and encouragement to the teams.

We are truly grateful to this year’s sponsors Core ClimbingGo Outdoors, The North FaceWild CountryBeta Climbing DesignsFive Ten and DMM who provided the fantastic prizes, medals and trophies.

Are you interested in taking part next year?

In 2019 we are looking to extend the schools competition to include the Greater Sheffield & Derbyshire areas by running a separate final alongside the Sheffield schools. If you are a Primary or Secondary school in Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley, Chesterfield or in The Peak District and would like to be sent information on next year’s competition please complete the attached form.

Information and 2019 dates will be sent out to schools in November.


Article Written By Michelle Forrest

27 Mar 2018 Easter Opening Times 2018


We will be operating extended opening hours over Easter weekend as follows:


Good Friday (30/03):

Main Centre: 10am - 10pm

Mini-Works: 10am - 8pm

Easter Saturday & Sunday (31/03-01/04):

Main Centre: 10am - 8pm

Mini-Works: 9.30am - 6pm

Easter Monday (02/04):

Main Centre: 10am - 10pm

Mini-Works: 10am - 8pm


Our entry prices will stay the same so you can get off-peak / midweek entry options as normal on Friday & Monday.


The Climbing Works and the Mini Works

28 Feb 2018 MWBL - Results


The final round of the Mini Works Bouldering Ladder for this winter has finished. The scores from each round as well as the overall scores can be found below. 

Results from R1

Results from R2

Results from R3

Results from R4

Overall results *top 3/4 scores

Well done to everyone who took part, if you placed in the top 4 in the overall results you can pick up your prize from the Mini Works reception.

If your child enjoyed taking part in this fun competition our Young Climbers Festival will be taking place on Thursday 30th August 2018. Registration for the event will open in July. You can read about past events here



4 Jan 2018 Upcoming wall closures January to March 2018

Circuit Board Revamp

17th to 24th January

The circuit board will be closed for repainting, resetting and some changes!


BIFF Final 2018

Saturday 27th January

Climbing Works early closing at 7pm

BIFF starts at 7.30pm so The Climbing Works is closing an hour earlier than usual (10am to 7pm) so we can ensure that only competitors and spectators with tickets are in the building.

The Mini Works opening times are unaffected (9.30am to 6pm).

Full details can be found here.

Tickets (full proceeds to CAC) can be purchased online here.


B.U.C.S. Bouldering Championships

Saturday 17th February

The Climbing Works closed all day

The Climbing Works is proud to once again host the annual British Universities & Colleges Sport Bouldering Championships on Saturday 17th of February.  This is a large national event (with events from 47 different sports, with championships held predominantly in Sheffield) with almost 500 students competing over the course of the day and as such The Climbing Works will be closed all day to non competitors, but The Mini Works is open as normal.

More details about the Climbing Championships & B.U.C.S. in general can be found here.



The Rab CWIF 2018

Saturday 10th March

The Climbing Works - CLOSED ALL DAY to non-competitors.

The Mini Works - Open as usual.


The Climbing Works - Partial wall closures all day & early closing for non-finalists at 5pm.

The Mini Works - Early closing at 5pm.


For more info about The Rab CWIF 2018 please head here.

Competitor registration will open on 29th Jan!

The Climbing Works and the Mini Works

20 Dec 2017 Changes in January

Wednesday Extended Opening Hours


The Climbing Works will open earlier at 10am on Wednesdays only (so 10am to 10pm).
The Mini Climbing Works will open later until 9pm on Wednesdays only (so 10am to 9pm).


This should hopefully provide a few more options for people who struggle to fit in their sessions mid week!


While it would obviously be helpful to some customers if we opened earlier every day and later at the Mini Works this isn't feasible for us as we need to fit in stripping and setting of boulder problems, daily centre cleaning & we have regular kids sessions at the Mini Works on the other evenings which would be disrupted if we encouraged too many other customers to head over there at the same time.


This is a trial!

We are interested to see whether is will have a positive impact on the busyness of the centre at peak times; if it does we are more likely to continue it long term, so use it or lose it ;)



External group changes


From January the entry prices for external groups are increasing to £6pp peak & £5pp off peak as these didn't increase along with the last couple of entry prices increases over the past 5 years.  We have introduced a peak and off peak rate for groups as it is far less disruptive to our other centre users if groups visit us off peak.


We are also introducing a £4.50 fee per session to cover our admin & facilities costs for external commercial coaching & instructing.


Full details of the new pricing can be found here.


The Climbing Works

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