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12 Jan 2017 18:00 15 Jan 2017 20:00 ABK Winter Bouldering League Round 2




Round 2 of the ABK Winter Bouldering League is an open to all competition that will run from Thursday 12th December at 6pm to closing on Sunday 15th (8pm).


Time & Date

Thursday 12th December at 6pm to closing on Sunday 15th (8pm).



As with Round 1 there will be 30 problems to try set on the Berghaus competition wall, but the scoring will be a little different from your standard 10, 7, 4 scoring!  Similar to Tout à Blocs (from where the competition's French clothing sponsor hails from) each problem has a maximum of 1000 points topped divided between everyone who does the problem, regardless of number of attempts.  This means if 50 people do a problem it'll be worth 20 points, but if a single person tops it then it's worth 1000, with highest overall score winning.  This can make things a little tactical with the multi day format - if you want max points; come and work the hard stuff, then rest up and send on Sunday!



Scorecards will be free this round & are available from reception any time and are available from Thursday to Sunday.  You can keep hold of your scorecard until 8pm on Sunday, so you can try the 30 problems at your leisure, but they must be handed in by closing to count. There are ABK goodies for the winners as well as a prize draw for returned scorecards so you can win something just for entering.


overall PRIZES

Following this round prizes will be awarded for the overall female & male winners over round 1 & round 2, with each able to choose an ABK hoody or pair of trousers.

The Climbing Works

13 Jan 2017 Mini Works Winter Bouldering Ladder R3

The third round of the Mini Works Winter Bouldering Ladder will be set on Friday 13th January. This is a fun competition set over 4 rounds suitable for 5 - 14 year olds.

Results from the previous round can be found here 

Round 1

Round 2

Overall Results

The overall winners of the ladder will be decided on each climbers top 3 results so if you have missed a round there is still a chance to collect more points.


 Score cards for the third round can be printed off or pick one up from the Mini Works for £1. The third round will be the PINK climbs.

Points are given on the number of attempts it takes for you to complete the boulder. You can have as many attempts on each boulder as you like over the course of the month. The point system is explained on the score cards.

The rules, this is a self marked competition so no cheating!!

1) An attempt starts as soon as your feet leave the floor

2) One hand must start on the numbered hold - finish by matching the top hold

3) Only use the black coloured holds used on the circuit. Aretes, volumes and wall features are allowed.

4) Hand your scorecard to reception when you have finished

Score will be split into male and female 5- 6 yrs / 7 – 8 yrs / 9 – 11 yrs / 12 – 14 yrs. Results from each round will be posted on the website and in the Mini Works. The overall winners will be announced after all 4 rounds.

This is a fun competition set for children aged 5 – 14 years and not suitable for those taking part in the winter bouldering series in the Main Centre.


Round 4 - 3rd Feb - 28th Mar

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