The B.I.F.F

30 Jan 2016

The Beastmaker International Footless Festival (B.I.F.F) returns to The Climbing Works on Saturday 30th January. 


The first B.I.F.F. was a bit of a crazy affair and we're excited to make this years just as bizarre as the first one. All the competitor places are now full and if you want to come watch you will need to pre-purchase tickets on our website here or at our front desk reception. You will need a ticket to get in.


We will be closing the centre an hour early on Saturday 30th (7pm instead of 8pm) so we can get the competition under way at 7.30pm. We expect the Finals to be around 10.30 with it all wrapped up at 11pm. We'll have drinks, pizza and snacks available on the evening and some high quality tunes to make it a fantastic evening.


You can watch the highlights of the first B.I..F.F below and read more on our B.I.F.F page here>>


The BIFF 2015