The B.I.F.F

31 Jan 2015

The Beastmaker International Footless Festival 

A very unique competition, the Beastmaker Internatonal Footless Festival, comes alive at The Climbing Works on Saturday 31st January 2015. 

This is not a competition for the stylish slab climber - the BIFF is all about power and strength in the upper body. All problems will be footless and there will be a range of stupidly set blocs and challenges that will not test the competitors mental ability.

We would like to give you more details about the format and style of 'problems' to expect but that would spoil the fun. Expect idiotic problems, bizarre challenges, points awarded (and taken away) at the whim of the Judges, music, pizza, beer and lots and lots of fun.

Competitor spaces are limited to 50 and spectators to 200. Spectators are very welcome and encouraged. You’ll get to see some ridiculous feats of strength from some very strong climbers and it will be a very good laugh. Tickets are £2 (which goes straight to Climbers Against Cancer). There will be pizza and beer available to purchase for spectators (or foolish climbers!) on the night.

Comp starts promptly at 8pm. If you are competing then make sure you are there early to get warmed up and ready to go. Time will be pretty tight so if you want to have a go on everything, get there early.


- You can register to compete on the day (from 7pm). We have invited about 20 of the strongest climbers in the country, and there is space for a further 30 competitors. Registration for these 30 is on a first come first served basis, starting at 7pm on the day of the event. Get there early to ensure a place.

- Competitors will pay normal Climbing Works entrance fee (you can / should come earlier to warm up and be ready to compete) + a minimum £2 donation to CAC. We may be swayed to add extra points to those who donate handsomely to CAC at registration.

- 10-ish “boulder problems / challenges" that will range from 'easy' to brick hard - Hopefully something for everyone!

- Points awarded at the whim of judges and maybe in some kindof scientific way. Bonus points will be awarded for style, feats of strength, hilarity, vast donations to CAC etc. etc. The format is pretty relaxed with unlimited attempts on each problem. This is not a flash comp so there is no need to get nervous!

- Spectator tickets will be available from The Climbing Works reception. Cost is £2 per ticket with all proceeds going to Climbers Against Cancer (CAC website). Tickets available from Monday 12th January.

- There will be a raffle with prizes from 5.10, Wild Country and Beastmaker. All proceeds from this will also go to CAC.



keep up to date on going on's with more details on the BIFF facebook page>>