Training to Train FREE workshop

6 Nov 2014

Training to Train Workshop - Circuit Training for Climber’s
@ The Climbing Works \ Thursday 6th Novemeber \ 19:30-21:00

“Arrgh! It’s so annoying I can’t climb through that crux!! I know I can do it, I just need to get a little bit stronger/lighter/more flexible and then I’ll get it. But how am I going to do that? Do I just need to climb more? Maybe I should do pull ups??”

In this 90 minute workshop you will run through two very simple and easy to do circuits designed specifically with climbers in mind. Tim’s tried and tested ‘Boulder Shoulder’ workout will help you build up that extra bit of lean muscle to keep you holding on, pull through those crux moves and stop your feet cutting loose. Followed by the high intensity ‘Master Blaster’ workout you will be sweating those extra pounds off, creating a lean, mean climbing machine! After completing both workouts you will run through some key stretches to do at the end of your climbing session to keep you ticking over and ready to crush next session.


Book onto the workshop by emailing stating your name, contact number and that you would like a place on the Training to Train workshop. Remember to be quick, there are only 10 spaces available!

Tim Cunnington is the Strength & Conditioning Coach for the GB Junior Bouldering Team, a Functional Strength Coach, Advanced Personal Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist, Pilates Instructor, climber and runner. Specialising in functional movement and strength & conditioning for climbers Tim knows exactly how your shoulders have become the way they are and the best way for you to get them sorted. Tim’s  knowledge and experience of training and fixing climbers of all ages, and abilities puts you in safe hands and will give you the direction you need to keep on crushing!


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