Osteopathy Session

4 Sep 2013

From August Mike Birkby, osteopath, manual therapist and sports massage practitioner will be providing treatment sessions at The Climbing Works on Wednesday evenings.

These private sessions will be held in the activity / treatment room within The Mini Works. If you have an injury or are keen to prevent one occurring, you can now take advantage of a special discounted rate through The Climbing Works.

A Sheffield local, Mike has been climbing, cycling and running for several years and has experience and understanding of how these sports and training for these sports impacts on our bodies. His work focuses on optimising the body’s musculoskeletal function and efficiency of movement through massage and stretching techniques, mobilisation and manipulation.

Mike will be providing 30-40 minute sessions that you can book using the link below.

Session times available: Wed from 4-8pm

Session price: £20

Mike will also be providing a FREE 15 min consultations at The Climbing Works every 2nd Thursday starting on the 8th August between 6-8pm, see Events calendar for more details.




If you wish to book an appointment further in advance than is shown online, we can only do this over the phone. Full payment will be required.

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