The CWIF Registration


Update 08/03/17

There is an updated competitor list here.  Names in yellow are U18, so either need to be a junior member at the wall already on the 18/03, be signed in by an adult member or have a completed parental consent form with them.

A newsletter will be going out to competitors shortly, so check spam folders etc.  Please check you are on the updated entry list, and any issues contact

All competitors are in their requested session, but if you are happy to swap from session 2 to 3, then please email!

We're still fully booked, so if you want adding to a waiting list then email FAO Dan.


Update 03/03/17

There is a preliminary list of competitors here.  If you have registered then please check it out - if you are highlighted red there is an issue with your registration so contact us as the email we sent you must have gone missing in the ether.

Currently everyone is down for the session they requested, but there are a few too many competitors in the morning & afternoon sessions and we'd like to balance the numbers a little better if at all possible.  If anyone is happy to switch from the morning or afternoon to the evening session (5-8pm) or if you are now unable to compete then please contact us as that would be exceedingly helpful.  Once we've finished rearranging, we will releasing any extra places on Wednesday 8/3/16.

Just to remind you the 3rd session is intended with some bonus fun in mind, so there'll be extra off-piste blocs for you to try, perfect if you enjoy climbing on swinging balls and the like, and gives you a few extra things to try if you don't think you'll get on as well with the harder qualification blocs.

Over the coming couple of weeks we'll start teasing some more of the big names attending the Rab CWIF 2017 (we haven't given everything away in the prelim list)!


UPDATE 14/02/17 - Fully booked

All competitor spaces are now fully booked.  We will now sort through the competitor list to filter out any double entries so we may be able to release a few more entries a couple of weeks beforehand.


rab CWIF 2017 Registration


We will be registering competitors through Bookeo this year to enable you to pay in advance at the same time as registering.  We are not insisting on pre-payment but it will save both us & you a lot of time on the day if we aren't dealing with 450 entry fees when you arrive - this will give you more time to warm up, have a brew & get in your competition headspace before you start your qualification session!


Qualification sessions:

Below is the time of each session. We will aim to get everyone into their preferred session but cannot guarantee any choices until after registration closes as we need to balance the numbers between each session.

Session 1: 0900-1200 

This session is intended for the most serious competitors who are likely to reach Semi Finals to give the most recovery time before Sunday so we get the best show possible!

If you're entering mainly for fun, please check out Session 3!

Session 2: 1300-1600

This is for those who don't climb well in the morning but are aiming for the Semi Finals.

We are also making this a special session for those Youth Academies / 12-17 y/o climbers who want to have some of the best climbers in the UK and abroad offer advice and beta for climbing the same problems they have just done.

Session 3: 1700-2000

Just like 2016 this new time slot is for those who want to have maximum fun at The Rab CWIF.  We'll be having DJ's and 5 special 'off-piste' circuit problems in this last session. We'll be having prizes for those in Fancy Dress and some of the off-piste problems may require it. This is the fun session!



The qualifying sessions will consist of a brand new circuit of 30 blocs in the grade range of Font5+ to Font7c.

A rough breakdown of the circuit is: 10blocs from Font5+ to Font 6b; 10blocs Font6b+ to Font7a; 10blocs Font 7a+ to Font 'hard'.

The holds will be from our Rab CWIF sponsors FlatholdAxis, Lapis, Bleaustone, X-Cult & Blocz providing a selection of beautifully crafted holds for you to try hard.





- If you have entered as a team, please note that ALL members must be registered individually.  Please make sure all team members put the team name in the 'Team Name' field. Registering a team name under your individual name DOES NOT give you 4 spaces. A team consists of 4 people that must be of mixed gender with at least one person from the other sex.

- If you are under 18 you must be a Junior Member of The Climbing Works or be signed in by an Adult member of The Climbing Works. If you coming as part of a Youth academy then please sure this consent form is filled in. If unsure please email for more information.

- Junior category is from 12yrs to 17yrs. Please note there will be NO specially set problems for children. They will compete on the qualifying circuit as set for adults. Although the competition is a fun day, it is set for adults so please be aware of this if bringing your under 18 along to compete.

- The booking will initially say registration is at 8am on 18th March, but this will really depend on which session you compete in.  Final sign in times will be confirmed by email once all of the places are full and we've assigned sessions to each competitor.

The Rab CWIF 2017 is supported by RabScarpa, Wild Country, FlatholdAxis Holds, Lapis, Bleaustone, X-Cult, Berghaus, Blocz and UKClimbing. These companies help make The CWIF what it is. Without this support, The CWIF would not be as much fun.

PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME AND FILL IN ALL DETAILS BELOW -  Remember to choose your session carefully. We always have to move people around with Session 1 always the most popular. Session 3 this year will be the most fun so if you are here to enjoy The Rab CWIF, choose this now!