CWIF Rules



This document is intended to be a guide to the rules for competitors.

The format of the qualifying round is based on the standard bouldering league format. 30 problems to be attempted within a set time period with no isolation.

Subsequent rounds have isolation and problems will be attempted as on-sights, with a set number, sequence, climbing period and rest period.

All rounds

  1. Each problem has a designated starting position, consisting of two fixed positions for both hands and optionally two fixed positions for both feet. Starting holds will be clearly marked.
  2. The finishing hold will also be clearly marked.
  3. A bonus point will be awarded for holding a specified hold. This hold will be clearly marked.
  4. Brushes may be used by competitors to clean holds that may be reached from the ground. Other holds may be cleaned competitors as long as there is no tactile inspection of the holds.
  5. An attempt is successful when the finishing hold is held with both hands and the judge says OK.

Qualifying Round

  1. There is no isolation for this round. Competitors may watch and communicate with others.
  2. Competitors mark their own score card. Any cheating will be dealt with in an incredibly embarrassing way for that person.
  3. Competitors are allowed three attempts on each problem. A successful first attempt is worth 10 points, a successful second attempt is worth 7 points, a successful third attempt is worth 4 points. Holding the zone hold is worth 1 bonus point. This point does not get added to the score but is a tie break, ie your score might be shown as 110+12 indicating that you flashed 11 problems and got all 12 bonus holds.
  4. A technical incident is defined as; a broken or loose hold, or any other occurrence that results in a disadvantage or unfair advantage to a competitor, which is not the result of an action on the part of the competitor. The problem must be repaired and the competitor is allowed another attempt on the problem.
  5. After the qualifying round the competitors shall be ranked according to the total number of points scored and then the total number of bonus points scored.
  6. The fixed quotas for the semi-final round shall be 20:

Semi Final and Final Rounds

The semi-final and final rounds use a modified version of the IFSC Rules :

  1. The semi-final round shall consist of 4 problems with 5 minutes climbing time per problem.
  2. The final round shall consist of 4 problems with 2 minutes per problem observation time and 4 minutes climbing time per problem.
  3. The fixed quota for the final round shall be 6.
  4. The finals will be simultaneous.
  5. The IFSC Rules for ranking athletes have changed. The new systems is:
  • Number of Tops,
  • Number of Bonus' (now called zones in the IFSC Rules),
  • Attempts to Top
  • Attempts to Bonus