COVID symptoms

If you or anyone you have close contact with have any symptoms of COVID-19 do not come climbing!  Follow government advice on isolation and social distance until government guidelines say you are safe to resume normal activity.



Temporary changes to conditions of use

Please read below for some changes to our standard conditions of use following guidance and procedures from the ABC (Association of British Climbing Walls) in conjunction with UKActive, based on the government guidance on reopening the leisure sector.  All aspects of this are subject to change.  Certain services/options are currently suspended – we’re working on getting these back up and running as soon as possible; apologies if this impacts you but it’ll be due to complexity of these options not meshing well with our existing systems, or us simply having insufficient time to introduce appropriate controls required by our risk assessments which are required to reduce the risk to our staff and customers.

Please read it so you know what to expect and we look forward to seeing you back soon!


Changes from 17/05/21

"Rule of 6" replaces the "exercise alone" rules
You will once again be able to climb and socialise indoors with people outside your household group in a group of 6 or 2 households.  Please continue to follow government guidance on social distancing, in particular ensuring you respect the space of people outside your group.

This also means we will be able to resume some of our adult group sessions, including inductions, where they don't clash with the busiest times in the day where we expect to hit capacity.


Cafe - indoor service resumes

From Monday 17th May you will be able to eat and drink inside again.  Please take food and drinks to a table and consume them there.  Once you are done, please give the table a quick wipe with the wipes provided, then dispose of any wipes and waste in the bins provided and return used crockery to reception.


Key Updates for Reopening from 12/04/21

Face Coverings
Face coverings must be worn while you are on the mats in between climbs / training sets, this is for the safety of all of our customers and is in line with emerging industry practices.

At this time face coverings are mandatory at all times in the centre with the following exceptions:

  • While climbing / training in the matted climbing / gym areas (but please wear one if you can)
    • Coverings must be worn while at rest (i.e. between climbs) and at all times while supervising / coaching on the mats
  • You are exempt from wearing a face covering
    • E.g. Under 11s or medical reasons. Full list on here, along with further info about face coverings.

While you do not have to wear face coverings while actually climbing this is strongly encouraged as it means you are not putting them on and off repeatedly, which best practice guidance suggests should be kept to a minimum and done with clean, sanitised hands to reduce the risk of contamination.


Climb alone or in your household / support bubble
Similar to the old Tier 3 / High Alert the new restrictions from 12/04/21 state: “you must not socialise with anybody outside of your household or support bubble in any indoor setting, whether at home or in a public place”.  As in the formerly tiered restrictions the intention is to reduce the rate of community transmission, so to help contribute to this:

Please do not climb with people outside of your household or support bubble while at The Climbing Works.

If supervising Novices (inexperienced over 14s, or any under 14s) you must be from the same household or support bubble.

We’d very much like to continue to stay open so that you can keep climbing here, so we need your help; once you have signed in to the centre, we’ll need you, our centre users, to take personal responsibility for who you are climbing with and ensure that you are adhering to government rules and maintain good social distancing practices from those outside your household or support bubble.  This is expected to continue until the next stage of lockdown easing (17/05/21 at the earliest) at which point the 'Rule of 6' is expected to include indoor venues again.

Government Exemptions
These are the main exemptions that we believe apply based on government guidance from here:

  • Organised youth, disability or elite sport, and people who are working (e.g. coaches)
    • This means our regular internal U18 sessions and sessions for individuals or household groups can continue
    • This also applies to external coaches, but you must supply a risk assessment in advance


Cafe - takeaway only

Current restrictions mean we cannot serve hot drinks for consumption indoors.  If you want a hot drink you'll need to get it to take away, or sit down at the very limited seating outside the main centre, Mini Works or Unit E.

If you get it to take away we ask that you don't loiter in the car park near any entrances as this impacts social distancing for us and the other businesses.



Suspended services

We have a number of temporarily suspended services; we will start these again as soon as we feel it is appropriate and we have the capacity to do so:

  • Coached sessions - reduced offerings
    • No adult group sessions including groups inductions (U18 groups and adult 1:1s are allowed)
    • No birthday parties until as the function room is unavailable due to social distancing restrictions
  • Mini Works Supervisory Inductions (required for registration of adult Non-Climbers)
  • External coaching
    • Single household coaching allowed, but please contact us first so we can confirm that you are considering measures to makes sessions COVID-secure
    • Group coaching currently not allowed due to centre capacity limits
  • ‘Family ticket’ entry prices
  • 'Normal' cafe service with seating - hot drinks are take away only
  • Super Off-Peak Entry prices (from 10/08/2020 on-wards)
  • Supervision of Novices outside your household / support bubble
  • Borrowing chalk bags
  • Pad hire
  • Therapy room bookings
  • Changing rooms - please arrive in your climbing clothes
  • GB Team free entry
  • Cash at the Mini Works - card payments only



Capacity management

  • Entry to climbers / supervisors only; no spectators
  • Each building has a separate limited capacity
  • Climbing Works – Max 95 climbers
    • Standard entry up to capacity on a first come first served basis (capacity listed on front page of our website so you can check before travelling – try to come off-peak if you can)
      • Recommended session time: 2 hours
        • Due to our limited capacity please try to keep your session time to a minimum, including leaving promptly when you’ve finished; with our currently much reduced capacity longer sessions will impact others’ ability to climb. Remember to inform staff as you leave so we can open up more capacity for other customers
        • If having a drink towards the end of your session please get a take away to help us manage capacity
        • A paid session is a single entry – you cannot sign out and then come back in later
        • Full members - please try to limit yourself to 2 sessions a week at our busiest times (arriving midweek 16:00 to 20:00, and weekends 11:00 to 
    • As you leave please scan your bar code at the quick check out or give your name to reception staff as you leave so we can check you out

Main centre occupancy:


  • Unit E – Max 40 (max 4 in the gym)
    • Opening Hours
      • ​Midweek 17:00 to 22:00
      • Weekends 10:00 to 20:00
    • Sign in at main reception as normal, then inform staff when you want to go to unit E so we can update our headcounts for each area
      • If you want to climb in the main centre after this you’ll need to queue (if required) at reception again so we can update the main centre capacity (it might be best to finish your session over there!)
    • Return to main reception to sign out as you leave (queuing not required for sign out)
  • Mini Works – Max 40 customers (includes supervising adults)
    • 1 hour 45 minute time slots, pre booked online. Supervising adults must book in too & Novices must be supervised by the adult named on the booking as per the standard conditions of use.
    • Drop ins allowed, but check in is much quicker with pre booking.  If no-one is pre booked for the last session (18:00-19:45 midweek, 15:45-17:15 weekends) we may close early, so entry is not guaranteed for drop ins after 18:45 midweek or 16:15 weekends.
    • No family ticket option
    • Card payments only at Mini Works
    • Temporary pricing changes under 18 Novice Weekend £6.50, Midweek £5.50, U18 shoe hire £1
  • Shop – 1 customer at a time
    • Ask staff if you want to enter the shop and you must wear a face covering (if able to do so) and sanitise your hands first



Social Distancing

  • You must maintain a 2m distance from other centre users outside your own household (or household bubble where applicable) at all times
    • If you are concerned that another centre user keeps entering your space please inform a member of staff so they can have a polite word to reiterate social distancing etiquette
    • If an area of the wall is busy, please head to quieter area & come back to it when there is more space
  • Adhere to signage around the centres, including distance markers at queuing areas and room capacity notices
  • Receptions have safety screen to protect our staff – please don’t try to circumvent them
  • Café - hot drinks are takeaway only from 12/04/21 (a 'more normal' service will resume at the next stage of lockdown easing)
  • Climb alone unless with others from your household or support bubble.  The Rule of 6 does not apply indoors from 12/04/21 (but should return at the next stage of lockdown easing



Hygiene measures

  • Hand hygiene – sanitise or wash your hands:
    • On arrival and leaving the centre
    • Before & after eating or drinking
    • Periodically through-out your session
    • Liquid chalk might help, but isn’t a substitute for hand sanitiser or soap
  • Face coverings:
    • Must be worn at all times in the centre unless:
      • Climbing in the matted climbing areas (they should be worn while resting / on the ground between climbs)
        • If you are just supervising novices you should wear a covering
      • Training in the matted training areas
      • You are exempt from wearing a face covering
        • List on here
  • Please try to use contactless card payments
  • Arrive in your climbing clothes and store your belongings in a locker / cubby hole
  • Bring your own water bottle (the water fountain will be out of use)
  • Clean signed training equipment before and after use with provided alcohol wipes
  • Shop stock and hire items that are returned or tried on will be quarantined for 48 hours or sanitised as appropriate
  • Dispose of all waste in the provided bins yourself & return used cups to the collection points at reception
  • We have conducted a thorough clean of all 3 centres prior to reopening
  • We have scheduled regular cleaning of high contact areas throughout the day
  • We have also brought our out of hours cleaning in house to give us a greater degree of control and care over this
  • Our centres are well ventilated with numerous windows, and a large extraction system in the main (busiest) centre. Please do not close them!



Track and trace

  • As a leisure business we may be required to share occupant details with the government’s track and trace network in the event of confirmed cases of COVID-19 on our premises
  • This is a legal requirement for us as a business and as such does not require your consent under GDPR (our privacy policy which registering customers agree to includes sharing of data where we are legally required to do so)
  • If you are uncomfortable with the idea of your data being shared with track and trace if we are required to do so then please do not visit the centre at this time