Youth Club

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Youth Club (13-17 Years)


Who’s it for?


Designed for anyone 13-17 years old, looking for independence in their climbing, but still with guidance from our coaches.

What to expect?

This session is focused on letting the kids make their own decisions with a bit of help and advice from our coaches where needed. Its relaxed and fun and gives them a chance to see what it's like to be their own climber. It is for climbers 13 and up, and once they turn 14 and have enough experience, they can become Junior Members. Lots of young climbers use this group as a way to socialise on a Friday evening with people of similar interests. 

What's expected?

There are no abilities requirements for these sessions, only age and behaviour. Climbers are expected to be well behaved and have a good understanding of the importance of safety as they often go the main Climbing Works. Disrespect or rudeness to others will not be tolerated.

So how does it run?

It runs for an hour and a half every Friday evening 7:30-9:00pm, in the Climbing Works. The group will meet in the main centre. You now must book ahead to attend this session as there are limited spaces. Please do this with plenty of notice as we may reduce the number of coaches if needed.


As kids over 14 can become junior members, it is recommended they do so when ready. If your child climbs regularly, knows and understands the safety and rules of the wall and accepts the responsibility over their own climbing, they can get themselves junior assessed to come climbing on their own or with friends.


CW Youth Club:

Fridays  7.00pm - 8:30pm



There are 2 ways that 14+ years can become Junior Members. If you already have a lot of prior climbing experience and are a Junior Member of another wall then you can complete a Junior Assessment. If you do not have another prior climbing experience then a Junior Induction can be completed or you can participate on Youth Club with the coaches for 6 weeks to gain the experience needed.

Junior assessments

Young adults aged 14-18 yrs old who are experienced climbers can become Junior Members of The Climbing Works allowing them to climb unsupervised. To do so, they must first undertake an assessment with a Climbing Works instructor who will assess their climbing experience and decide whether they are eligible to become a Junior Member. (All under 18s must be accompanied to the assessment with a legal parent or guardian)

Assessments can be completed on Youth Club sessions, alternatively, ask at reception for more details and available times for assessments.

Junior Inductions

This is the session for all those who are aged 14 - 17 with no experience of bouldering who wish to come and use The Climbing Works unsupervised. The course consists of one and a half hours tuition with one of our qualified coach and focuses on how to use the climbing walls safely. This course is obligatory if you would like to use The Climbing Works but have never climbed before. Once you have done this session, you are free to use the centre whenever you like unsupervised.

Monday 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Sunday 10.30am – 12.00pm

To book an induction, click here.