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WADS - Works Advanced Development Squad (10-13 Years)


Who’s it for?


Designed for motivated and dedicated young kids between the ages of 9 and 14 who want our help to improve both technique and strength. 

What to expect?

We help your kids work on their strengths and weaknesses while getting a better understanding of what they want to achieve in their climbing by giving them a taste of all aspects of climbing. We do what we can to allow them to grow and improve in all areas of climbing with some intro to training and ownership. We tailor our sessions to what your kids need, so our sessions can be very flexible.

If your child is psyched on climbing indoors and out but has no interest in competitions, then that’s ok. We work our sessions around the techniques and tactics required to be the best indoor or outdoor boulderer they can be. Coupled with this, we offer regular outdoor sessions during the summer months so that we can teach them the safest way to climb outdoors whilst improving teamwork skills and building their outdoor experience. We also offer adult outdoor climbing sessions if you would like to learn how to climb outside and the safety elements involved. Please find information about this on our website. 

If they are interested in competitions then that’s great too. Competitions are a great way for your kids to meet and socialise with other motivated kids from around the country and even the world. Competitions can help push them in a structured measurable environment against some of the countries best. It can be a great motivation, but can also be daunting. If your kids want to do comps then we want to teach them the best tactics, coping mechanisms and how to enjoy them. Our regular Wads sessions often feature key competition tactics when desired. 

What's expected?

Given the high level our squad has reached, along with the expert team of coaches and vast amount of work that goes into making this squad a success, we ask for some things from your kids too. If kids want to be in this squad they must accept the responsibilities that come with representing our team, and the behavior that requires. We will not accept bad attitudes, rudeness to other athletes or coaches, disrespect of any kind or laziness during sessions. This is a high performance squad and kids are expected to reach a certain standard of both etiquette and ability. They must climb a minimum of twice a week or take part in other sports. This is to guarantee the progression and commitment to improvement in overall fitness and dedication. It is recommended that kids climb between 2 and 4 days a week for the best progression in their climbing. We don’t expect the best in every session, but if they fail to take part or complete exercises consistently, then they may be better placed in a lower pressure group to give them time to catch up. 

So how does it run?

Wads runs with two 2 hour sessions a week. Tuesdays switch between the Mini Works 6-8pm and The Foundry 6:30-8:30pm to give the kids a taste of training at a boulder wall and a routes wall. This makes them well rounded athletes with the required experience needed to succeed in comps and other areas. 

Thursday are run at both Mini Works and the main Climbing Works with use of Unit E and our brand new Monkey Space Training Tool between 6-8pm. These sessions focus on specific techniques and tactics required to succeed, as well as specific strength and conditioning training for the appropriate groups.

However, we offer the possibility to only take part in one session per week provided families can commit to involving their child in either one more day climbing separate to our sessions or taking part in another sport.


If this commitment is too much, or you want a more relaxed approach to improvement but still have the motivation to improve, then maybe you would be better suited in our Advanced Kids club. Or if your just here to relax and have fun, then Kids Club is the one for you.​



Weekly Sessions




10 - 13 Years


Tuesday      6:00pm-8:00pm / 6:30-8:30pm @ The Foundry

Thursday     6:00pm-8:00pm




  • 1/2 Term Payments: £12.50


For more information email Rachel@climbingworks.com