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WADS+  Works Advanced Development Squad (13-17 Years)


Who’s it for?

Designed for teens with maturity, experience, ability and the desire to gain some ownership over their own climbing and training. 

What to expect?
We want to prepare them for a time when they no longer need us. We teach them how and why to train, with the hope they take some more responsibility and make the effort to come to the wall in their own time to complete the training they need to improve. In this session we expect kids to be motivated and want to make gains in every session, it is very much a guidance session more than the simpler ‘do’s and don't's’. 

What's expected?

There is no specific ability requirement, no need to climb a certain grade, we simply ask that they have had some coaching or prior regular climbing experience before joining these sessions so they can work more freely in the group. These sessions are designed to be fun, if anything they are more relaxed than Wads. Purely because we have trust in the participants that if they are allowed to relax and have some say in the sessions then they will not abuse this and will in fact make informed, mature decisions about what they need to do more than what they want to do. 

So how does it run?

Wads+ is two, 2 hour sessions a week. One session on a Wednesday evening form 6-8pm. This session often focuses on technique work or running through some specific strength and conditioning work, it takes place in either the main Climbing Works or Unit E. Our second session takes place at The Foundry Climbing Centre 6:30-8:30pm so that they get a chance to become strong well rounded climbers in both boulder and lead. These sessions often consist of training for climbing, with a variety of strength, strength endurance and endurance sessions. They are designed to build up their confidence in what a training session should feel like, and the best way to structure the different sessions.


These sessions can mean a lot of responsibility and knowledge is required from the kids. We don’t expect everyone to be so motivated or want to achieve so highly, climbing can be relaxed too, so if this seems too full on for you or your child, and they are 14 or over, then maybe they’d be better suited to our Youth Group (for information on this please look on our website). 


Weekly Sessions


WADS + 13 - 17 Years

Wednesday      6:00pm - 8:00pm

Friday          6:30pm-8:30pm




  • 1/2 Term Payments: £13.00 per session


For more information contact Rachel@climbingworks.com