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Mini WADS (7-9 Years)


Who’s it for?


Designed for the mini-crusher who are motivated to push themselves. Tips and tricks to help your kids developed top technique from a young age.

What to expect?


We can spot talent at any age, and we know that younger kids are usually here for a fun and exciting hobby. If we notice a member of our Spider Monkeys group standing out from the rest, always looking for the next challenge and displaying a high level of maturity, they may be put forward for our Mini WADS group. As we have limited spaces on this group, we also have to consider their performance in the Mini Winter Bouldering League or at our annual Young Climbers Festival. 

In this group we introduce the techniques they will need in the future, and show them how learning and training can be fun with the goal of reaching Wads or Advanced Kids Club when they’re older. Kids are encouraged to challenge themselves on harder climbs and with an extra half hour onto our sessions, they have time for work and play all in one. With games and challenges tailored to help them learn key movements without boring drills and repetitions.


What's expected?

As these sessions are longer and more advanced, a higher level of concentration and behavior is expected from them. Kids will not be allowed to misbehave or distract others as it makes it very difficult for everyone to learn, and can hinder progression. We would like to see the kids pushing themselves and trying to improve when encouraged.

So how does it run?

These sessions run both Tuesdays and Thursday from 5:30-7pm. Children have the option to take part in one or both sessions in order to progress when it suits them. Both sessions take place in the mini works and focus on techniques specific for climbing, as well as playing helpful learning games.


It is not essential for kids to be so focused at a young age, and our Spider Monkey sessions are a great way for kids to develop their skills in a more relaxed and low-pressure environment.


Weekly Sessions


Mini WADS:


7 - 9 Years


Tuesday      5:45pm-7:00pm

Thursday     5:45pm - 7:00pm





  • 1/2 Term Payments: £10.50 per session


For more information, please email