Advanced Kids Club

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Advanced Kids Club (9-13 Years)


Who’s it for?

Designed as a stepping stone from either kids club or Mini-Wads, to bridge the gap in the changes required for Wads. Or for that child that wants to improve without necessarily performing in competitions.

What to expect?

This session was created when our Wads group stepped up a level. With longer sessions, more hours and more complex training, the difference between Kids Club and Wads was becoming too much. Advanced Kids Club is has been developed as a stepping stone to WADS or simply for climbers that are ages 9-14 and motivated to progress and push themselves in their climbing sessions. It offers the coaching they require, for the level they are at, with a slight advance on lessons found in Kids Club to allow more consistent improvement and long-term gains. 

What's expected?

Kids are expected to be motivated and want to take on any challenges given in order to test themselves and learn from it. They should want to improve and learn. Bad behavior, poor attitudes or lack of respect will not be accepted as this is once again a select group of kids who have earned their place.

So how does it run?

It takes place once a week for two hours every Wednesday evening 6-8pm. Sessions are mainly run in the Mini Works, utilizing the quiet weekday evening, and also our ever popular Monkey Space. Sessions focus around technique improvement, creative movement skills, as well as training and conditioning for climbing.


If you want a more relaxed session, without the high level of commitment, Kids Club is more appropriate. 



  • 1/2 Term Payments: £12.50 per session


For more information, please contact