Weekly Kids Clubs

Climbing is a sport, a hobby and a way of life. We provide a pathway for people of any age to get the most out of climbing.

Our kids clubs are ideal for those who enjoy climbing. With the help of our coaches your child’s movement, balance, co-ordination, strength and confidence will improve and if continued will create independent climbers who will continue enjoying climbing in to adulthood.

Steps to Success

Session Information

All sessions are run by our qualified coaches and each group will have no more then 5 - 6 climbers with a coach. Each session will consist of an appropriate warm up and stretches followed by lots of climbing, challenges and games to suit all ages and abilities. Participants will be provided with climbing shoes and should be wearing loose fitting and comfortable clothing. A break is given at half time where climbers will be able to have a drink of water or squash. No fizzy drinks or sugary foods should be consumed whilst on the session.

We are a Learning Destination for The Children's University Learning Passports - Collect your learning credits at The Climbing Works.


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