Tim Cunnington

Strength & Conditioning Coach - Tim Cunnington

“Functional Strength & Conditioning making you the climber you choose to be“Tim_profile

Experienced in Coaching; Climbers of all ages and abilities who have previous, current or recurring injuries which are preventing training or limiting certain movements. Compensations have kicked in and a plan is needed to get you fixed and back climbing again.


Those whose natural ability has got them so far but now feel that something is holding them back. Who feel the need to get that bit stronger/lighter/more flexible, have an idea of their weaknesses and want some direction with Strength & Conditioning work to compliment their climbing and achieve their goals?


Coaching Success Story; “The 3 part fitness program Tim has me on, has clearly been put together by someone who has a complete understanding of training. I am regularly challenged by the difficulty of a new exercise and then rewarded when I can progress to the next level. The result is a permanently revived interest and increased motivation. Tim has the knowledge and experience to get you better results than you could have ever expected!”


Qualifications, Coaching & Climbing Experience:

BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science                              

TRX InstructorAdvanced                                                                        

Kettlebell Instructor  

Pilates Matwork Instructor REPS Level 3

Personal Trainer REPS Level 3  

Sports Massage Therapist REPS Level 3     

Climbing Works Coaching Scheme                                                                     

Strength & Conditioning Coach for GB Junior Bouldering Team

10yrs Sports Coaching Experience

7yrs Advanced Personal Trainer & Sports Massage Therapist

5yrs Functional Strength Coach

3yrs Climbing Conditioning Coaching

Find out more about Tim: www.peakprofitness.com