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PeakPro_Tim1The WHY behind Peak Pro Fitness…

“Climbing, is the one thing that seems to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together for me. It gets me outside in the most amazing places, allows opportunities to travel and see amazing things, it gives me that escape that most crave but struggle to find, to be able to turn phones off and escape technology and the buzz of a life for a while…

…I think, the reasons behind why I do what I do, stem completely from a desire to learn; a fascination with how the body works and moves; and undoubtedly a passion for being outdoors, for being surrounded by nature and mountains. Then of course, the fact that it feels totally natural for me to take that information and learning and pass it on to someone else who will benefit.”

A drive for understanding how the body worked took me to university to study Sport & Exercise Science. It allowed me the opportunity to learn how all the pieces of the jigsaw fit together and nurtured my desire to pass the information on to others. It also introduced me to climbing where, like a lot of us, I picked up a few injuries; breaking my ankle from a fall bouldering and getting compartment syndrome in my shoulder from too much time spent climbing with no balanced training.

PeakPro_Tim2This was a particularly frustrating time. Fed up of being injured, sick and tired of being unable to run or climb or train and not knowing what I could do to fix things. It made me change career choice and complete my diploma in Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapy, this linked all the theory and learning from my degree with practical hands on knowledge of how to train effectively and not only allowed me to learn how to fix the injuries that had been driving me mad, but gave me the perfect tool kit to help others.

This passion is something that I realised was what I was here to do.

To change the climbing communities’ perception of strength & conditioning and training for climbing, to show other’s smarter ways to train, to create better movers, who are more able to deal with the stresses of climbing, recover from injury quicker or maybe even stop them occurring in the first place and ultimately take their climbing to new heights and great achievements.


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PeakPro_Tim3HOW we do what we do…

The Movement Method literally, does exactly what is says on the tin, it is all about movement.

It’s a concept of moving in different ways, moving often, and just challenging your body. It’s getting yourself thinking about which areas are tight, which areas aren't strong or which areas aren’t stable or mobile, and learning how to move better.

That's it, literally, and it can be applied to anything.

If you’ve got an injury, 9 times out of 10 the injury has come from being stuck, stuck in the same positions for too long, stuck in these pathways that aren’t serving you and are precursors to injury.

If you climb a lot, and you don't warm up properly, you don’t stretch, you overuse or you’re consistently using the same muscles in the same movements, again and again, your body gets efficient in those movements, you get tight and then you get specific injuries. They come in the shoulder, the elbow, the forearm, and you get broken.

Movement will reverse all of that, it will keep your body guessing, it will keep you learning, it will keep you the way we have evolved to be.

Say you can’t get into a body position, movement will help you learn what it is that your body needs to do to get into those positions.

PeakPro_Tim4Which muscles to release, which to stabilise and then you can put it back into your climbing and you will feel freer, it will feel easier to get into that body position.

If you want to get stronger, the muscles are worked, they breakdown as they heal and get stronger, but they also get tighter.

By moving more you create mobility and flexibility in a muscle then the amount it can contract increases, the relative load decreases and your movement becomes more efficient, you have a greater capacity for strength.

Climbing is inherently complex in the movement patterns we need to be able to incorporate both strength, flexibility and movement to achieve our goals.


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So WHAT exactly is it Peak Pro Fitness does…


      *Rehab & Injury Management                       *Movement & Skills Coaching                 *Strength & Conditioning for Climbers  


                                   *Bespoke Training Progammes                                                  *Climbing Coaching

Ultimately, we all end up somewhere on this spectrum at some point in our lives, where ever you are on your climbing journey at Peak Pro Fitness we’re here to help you get to the next level.


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Recover Quicker, Move Better, Train Smarter, Achieve More…

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