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Performance is at its core a multifaceted process. By combing technical and tactical competencies together with physical preparation and psychological readiness, we can achieve our full potential

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The Coaches

David Mason

InsightClimbing_DavidDavid is best known as one of the UK’s most accomplished outdoor boulders. Climbing for 13 years, he has invested time into almost all of the World’s top bouldering destinations, achieving over 350 Font 8 boulder problems and climbing up to 8B+. An early career with the GB international team soon led David into coaching, where he has coached and managed the GB Senior Bouldering Team since 2011.

As a Sheffield native, David’s love for the gritstone has, in recent years, translated to the larger canvas of trad climbing where he flashed the coveted Gaia (E8 6c) and head-pointed up to E9 with Meshuga.

In 2016 David teamed up with Tom Greenall to create Insight Climbing; a high-performance coaching service for rock and competition climbers. Here he enjoys a hands-on approach when working with athletes and is always striving to push to that next level. 



Tom Greenall

InsightClimbing_TomTom is a specialist rock climbing and competition coach based in Sheffield. Over the past 6 years he has been a  driving force behind the development of coaching in the UK with his philosophy of “development through innovation”, driving new, innovative directions. During his stewardship of the GB Junior Bouldering Team, Tom sought a new approach to athlete development culminating in multiple international medals. Personal coaching success also saw athlete Tara Hayes win a World Championship silver medal in 2016.

In 2018 life beyond the team finds Tom back at University to broaden his skills further through his Msc in Advanced Sport Coaching and, together with David Mason, coach an elite group of athletes through their performance squad at Insight Climbing.

Away from the gym, Tom enjoys travelling to worldwide climbing destinations where he has climbed Font 8A, French 8a and now hopes to complete the triple crown with a Trad E8.



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