Climbing Works coaching scheme

what is the CWCS?

A half day coaching scheme aimed primarily at teachers, youth workers and leaders who are climbers, though any climber looking to bring in their own children or groups are welcome to take the course.

What are the benefits to taking this scheme?

  • you will be able to bring in upto 6 novice climbers of any age to the climbing works under your own supervision
  • you will only need to pay group entrance fees £4 per head (£2.50 for shoe hire) usually  £15 per head when hiring one of our instructors
  • you can bring your group in at anytime with out having to pre book a time slot

In order to take the course you do need:

  • to be over 18
  • have a valid first aid certificate (min 4hrs)
  • climbing Font 6b or harder
  • have experience of climbing at the climbing works
  • have insurance cover

What the course involves:

  • run through of terms and conditions for groups
  • over view of the climbing works and how it stands to British and European standards and regulations
  • suitable warm ups for all ages
  • session running order
  • different types of client
  • choice of problems covering suitable progression for various abilities
  • spotting
  • dynamic risk assessment
  • personal climbing of a Font 6b grade
  • demonstrate good technique and use of terminology
  • appropriate warm down
  • review
  • organising a session to observe with a senior instructor at the climbing works
  • organising a session to be watched and reviewed at the climbing works

Click here to down load a pdf version of the full scheme

Booking on to the scheme

Dates will be posted on the website

You can recieve more information by email, just contact us at by filling in the form below.

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