Claire Youdale

IMG_2101Development Coach 

"Friendly and personable bouldering fanatic building confidence both inside and out."


Whether you climb just for fun or want to take your climbing further into physical training or climbing outside Claire excels in creating a relaxed and friendly environment for you to push yourself and achieve your goals no matter what they are. Claire has extensive experience of building confidence and skills both indoors and outdoors, on the wall, in the training area and on real rock allowing you to develop your climbing in any direction you wish to take it. With her 7 years of coaching experience and 16 years of climbing experience she identifies areas for improvement and specialises in improving technique, body awareness, physical training and confidence in what you can achieve.

Qualifications, coaching and climbing experience;

Development Coach Award
Climbed for 16 years
Coach for 7 years
Boulder Font 7c
Women's Climbing Symposium speaker 2014 and Coach 2017+2018
Runs InsideOut, an introduction to Outdoor bouldering
Climbing Works Outdoor Co-ordinator
BSc (Hons) Zoology/Marine Zoology


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