cOMPLETE Beginners

Adult Induction

This is the session for all those who are 18 or over with no experience of bouldering who wish to come and use The Climbing Works unsupervised. The course consists of one and a half hours tuition with one of our qualified instructors, and focuses on how to use the climbing walls safely. This course is obligatory if you would like to use The Climbing Works but have never climbed before. Once you have done this session, you are free to use the centre when ever you like unsupervised, and can also sign in and supervise other climbers.

Monday 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Sunday 10.30am – 12.00pm


£20 per person

Including registration fee, equipment hire and instruction

Sessions need to be booked a minimum 2 days before

If you can't do an induction on either a Monday or Sunday we can do private inductions at a time suitable to yourself. These cost £25, last one hour, and can be arranged by emailing If there are 3 or more of you wanting to do an Adult Induction, the cost is £20 per person and will last for 1.5hrs.

BEGINNERS - Improvers

ABC's of Climbing

These sessions are ideal for those who have just completed their induction course and those climbing within the current greens, reds and green and pink spots. Not only will you receive FREE tuition from our coaches on a set of specifically chosen topics but it’s also a great way to meet new people and have some fun.

Sunday Mornings @ 10.30am - 12.00pm

Monday Evenings @ 7.30am - 9.00pm 

The 8 topics covered will be:

  1. Movement and Balance 
  2. Route Reading 
  3. Footwork 
  4. Hold Identification 
  5. Steep Ground 
  6. Taking on the circuits - Level 1 (current Greens) 
  7. Taking on the circuits -  Level 2 (current Reds)
  8. Taking on the circuits  - Level 3 (current Green and Pink spots)

After 8 weeks the topics we will rotate back to the beginning. Climbers are welcome to stay on the sessions until they feel that they are ready to move on.


Adult Improver Classes

These sessions are ideal for those climbing the middle grade circuits (current pinkles, blacks and yellows). Our coaches will teach you the essential skills required to progress onto those harder circuits. Our trademark coaching all takes place within a friendly and supportive class which is another great way to meet other climbers.

Wednesday Evenings @ 7.30pm - 9.00pm 

The 8 topics covered will be:

  1. Route Readingmoving on from the basics taught in the ABC classes 
  2. Slab Techniques 
  3. Arêtes and Volumes 
  4. Undercuts and Gastons 
  5. Steep Ground moving on form the basics taught in the ABC classes 
  6. Taking on the circuits – Level 3  (current pinkles) 
  7. Taking on the circuits – level 4 (current blacks) 
  8. Taking on the circuits – level 5 (current yellows) 

Cost for either the ABC or Improver Class is just your normal entrance fee. No extra cost for the session.

There is no need for prior booking, just turn up on the night and listen for the announcement.

Classes have been both very popular and very successful, with many regulars seeing their climbing grade shoot up.

For a more personal session, you can book a private Adult Improver class for 4-6 climbers with one of our instructors.

£15 per person (includes instructor for 1.5 hour session plus entrance to The Climbing Works for the evening)

One to One coaching

Once you have learnt to use our bouldering walls, you are free to come and climb whenever you like. However, for those who would like to learn new skills and techniques, or if you just want to get all the problems in one circuit finished and progress to the next level of difficulty, then our coaching sessions are for you. All adult coaching is done on a relaxed and friendly basis by our team of professional coaches.

You can also book a one-to-one coaching session in order to get a more personalised training plan.

Our coaches can also provide the following specific training sessions if needed:

  • Comp style problem training
  • On sighting
  • Campus Board work and Fingerboard training
  • Head games

Visit our specialised coaching page to find out more