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The Climbing Works is an indoor bouldering wall - bouldering is climbing without the need for ropes or harnesses. Find out more about bouldering here.

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  • Opened at the start of December 2006 in Sheffield, UK.
  • Expanded in 2013 with The Mini-Works - a new centre with a focus on younger children learning to climb. 
  • In total: 1500m² of indoor climbing surface in 2 buildings
  • 10+ graded circuits, each consisting of 20-60 colour-coded boulder problems, usually reset every 3 months on a rolling basis on a variety of angles and wall shapes
  • Huge dedicated Berghaus Competition Wall that is reset every few months in the Summer and every month during the Winter. Regularly 25-40 problems individually graded.
  • The UK’s best training area including Beastmaker motherboard, campus board and a range of fingerboards.
  • Regular winter competitions starting in November and climbing lectures (see event calendar )

A bit more info...

The Climbing Works is a dedicated indoor bouldering centre serving Sheffield, the Peak District and is a wall of National and International significance.

The centre provides bouldering only facilities as this is a climbing activity that has grown in popularity of recent years and is an activity that can benefit every climber whatever their level, age or goals.

Due to the size of The Climbing Works and the nature of the design of the walls, we believe that we are able to cater for all customer requirements – from children trying climbing for the first time, to World Cup competitors preparing for international competition.

The Climbing Works offers some very easy climbing with dedicated beginners boulders and a large variety of easy to mid grade climbing for the more experienced climbers to use either as training or as part of their warm-up routine. All of the climbing surfaces feature reconfigurable holds including micro and macro features to create a constantly changing set of climbs.

The bouldering walls are a maximum of 4.5m above the landing surface ensuring that the walls conform to the relevant part of the forthcoming European Standard for bouldering walls (prEN 12572 –II).

The centre includes toilet and changing facilities for the comfort of our customers and a refreshment/spectator area situated adjacent to the main competition area of the climbing walls. An on-site cafe, serving hot drinks and snacks helps to provide an atmosphere that fosters the social aspect of the sport.