28 May 2015 Pizza Night Returns

We will have a Pop-up Pizza at The Climbing Works from 5pm on Thursday 28th May. The Sunshine Pizza Company are a new local business who have been active at the Stanage Plantation for the last few months and have been a big success here at the Works.


Find out more about this mobile Pizza oven and the local Sheffield people behind it here>>


The Menu choices will be similar to before so expect something to the below:

Margherita £5

Peperoni Anchovy or Salami + 2 veg toppings 6.50

Veggie full house 7.00

Full house, ie, Peperoni salami or anchovy + all veg toppings 7.50

Goats cheese pine nuts and wild garlic 7.50

And the veg toppings are:

Roast onions, Roast peppers, Garlic Mushrooms, Olives, 


Some more info regarding what the Sunshine Pizza Company do:

We make tasty, nutritious, artisan food. We use high quality ingredients, organic where possible, from local and ethical suppliers. Naturally, all ingredients will be GM free.

PIZZA: Our dough is made by ourselves in our trusty 20 litre Hobart mixer, using organic, stoneground flour, seasalt, live yeast, water and nothing else. Soon we will be using sourdough for an even tastier and healthier pizza base. We use organic Italian plum tomatoes, and local, organic tomatoes in season. We always use fresh Italian mozzarella.

Our toppings will change according to seasonal availability and will include locally sourced and Italian smoked and cured meats, fresh vegetables roasted in the wood-fired oven, and home-made herb-infused oils.

There will always be vegetarian and vegan options.


Pizza Night

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