24 Apr 2014 FREE Amatsu Therapy clinic

The next FREE Amatsu therapy session we will be offering will be held on Thursday 24th April at 5-9.45pm. This is a chance to see our resident Amatsu therapist, Alex Mosco, and have him have a look at any of your recent / longterm troublesome injuries. Alex has seen a lot of climbers over the last year and has helped get people with injuries back on the road to recovery.

If you want to book a slot, email Alex (address below), otherwise just drop-in and see him on the day.


Hands-on traditional Japanese therapy
Free drop-in sessions at the Climbing Works

Free sessions last approximately 15 minutes and include:
Brief client assessment and diagnosis.
Amatsu Therapy- massage, soft tissue management, whole body corrections.
Therapeutic techniques to increase mobility and encourage natural healing of the body.
CONTACT:  Alex Mosco
07518 552 658


Find out more about Amatsu Therapy below:



25 Apr 2014 Amatsu Therapy Sessions

Alex Mosco is an Amatsu Therapy Practitioner, martial artist, climber, cyclist and walker. He is well well aware of the need for good physical and mental health to function effectively in all these sports. Treating the body globally rather than just the symptoms of an injury is intrinsic to Amatsu, and with overall balance the body is able to maintain health naturally.

Alex discovered the Japanese system of Amatsu Therapy via martial arts. Amatsu Therapy applies soft-tissue mobilisation techniques to relieve restrictions in muscles, tendons, fascia, and ligaments. These releases re-pattern muscles, improving joint function, ranges of movement and treat the whole body. Treatment comprises hands-on physical manipulation suitable for all ages, genders and levels of mobility and can be used preventatively or post-injury.

By releasing soft tissue restrictions conditions ranging from sports injuries, back pain, shoulder issues, sciatic complaints, ankle and knee problems and musculoskeletal postural and mobility dysfunctions can be treated


Balance approx 1 hour: £35

Remain clothed in loose, comfortable attire.

Under 16’s to be accompanied by parent/guardian.


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