22 Dec 2014 Evolv Winter Bouldering Ladder

The Climbing Works Winter bouldering competition series is having a bit of makeover this year. Out goes the 'one night only' competition format and in comes a bouldering ladder format. We will be setting problems as normal on the Berghaus Competition wall but you will have a longer time to try them and be in with a chance to win some prizes from Evolv.

The Evolv Works Bouldering Ladder (Evolv WoBL) will begin on Thursday 4th December at 6pm. You will then have to Monday 22nd Dec to test yourself on these problems and hand in a scorecard for your chance to win some great prizes from Evolv.

Summary of the competition rules are:

- 2 Rounds only: 4th Dec and Jan 8th.

 - Pick up a scorecard from reception for £2

- Score yourself on the problems on the Berghaus Competition wall - 15 points for a flash, 10 points for any go after that (If we find anyone cheating they will be barred from The Climbing Works for a year).

- There will be 20 problems set on the first date of each comp and then 10 more set 11 days later. You then have a week from the 2nd set to get your scorecards back in.

- Prizes on offer include Evolv Bouldering Mats, Climbing Shoes and shop vouchers worth up to £200!


We'll release more information next week but get the below dates in your diary

Round 1:

1st Set: Thursday 4th Dec

2nd Set: Monday 15th Dec

Hand in scorecard by Monday 22nd Dec (Prize winners announced before Christmas!)


Round 2:

1st Set: Thursday 8th Jan

2nd Set: Monday 19th Jan

Hand in scorecard by Monday 26th Jan 2015



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