29 Apr 2015 New FREE Massage - Wednesday 29th April

New Tui Na Massage Sessions - FREE - Wednesday 29th April

Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Location: Training area in main Works

Practitioner: Andrew Jones

Cost: FREE

Length of Session: 15mins

No need to book, just turn up on the evening and speak to Andrew about reserving a spot.

Below is Andrew's words on what he practices:

"Tui Na (pronounced Twee Nar) is a massage style used in Chinese hospitals primarily to treat musculo-skeletal pain and injury. It has a wide range of techniques to knead the muscles and tissues, making it very versatile. Guided by the principles of Chinese medicine, and used alone or in combination with acupuncture, exercise recommendations and lifestyle advice, it has the potential to both heal injury and to improve sports performance.

Treating injury or pain, I find the areas that have become tight or where circulation is restricted as a result of over or under-use (more likely over-use for climbers!) and balance the circulation in that area out. I have found that injury heals much more quickly when the person undergoing treatment is engaged in some regular moderate use of the area affected; the determination to be fit and healthy is powerful in itself. Treatments to improve general sports performance will focus more on balancing circulation throughout the musculature, primarily the back, neck, shoulders and limbs, unless a particular area is highlighted.

Chinese medicine is holistic, that is every aspect of physiology is integrated into your personal picture. Outside of purely treating sports injuries, Imbalances anywhere in the body can also be taken into account, diagnosed and helped.

I came to Chinese medicine from tai chi and still practice tai chi, qi gong and meditation. These practices all inform each other, and aspects of tai chi training can be used to improve looseness and flexibility in any discipline. I use elements of tai chi to help patients opening up areas affected by pain or injury. Come and try Tui Na out for yourself on Monday! I look forward to showing how Tui Na can help you."

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